Residents Pick Up Everything and the Kitchen Sink at Adopt-A-Beach Clean Up of Snyder Avenue and Snyder Avenue Park

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ – On Sunday, March 24, residents of all ages gathered at Snyder Avenue Park, put on  pairs  of  reinforced  gloves,  and  helped  rid  Berkeley  Heights  of  approximately  150  pounds  of  litter  through  their  participation  in  the  Adopt-A-Beach  Clean  Water  Challenge.

The  group  consisted  of  approximately  25  children and adults  of  all ages,  including couples and families.   One family even brought their dog, Coco, to make the event truly a family effort.

The  event,  which  was  a  collaborative  effort  among  Val’s  Valiants,  the  Berkeley  Heights  Innovation and  Sustainability  Alliance  (Sustainable  Berkeley  Heights),  the  Berkeley  Heights  Environmental  Commission  (BHEC),  and  the  Berkeley  Heights  Downtown  Beautification  Committee  (DBC),  aimed  to  kick off spring and the spring sports season by ridding  Snyder  Avenue  and  Snyder  Avenue Park  of  recyclables  and  trash  that  had  been  hibernating  under  the  snow  and  leaves  all  winter.

Half the group tackled the wooded area behind the turf  field  at  the  park  itself,  while  the  other  half  cleaned  both  sides  of  Snyder  Avenue between  the  park  and  the  Bank  of  America  Building,  as  well  as  the  area  along  the  bank  of  the  Passaic  River  tributary  near the bridge next  to  the  Bank  of  America parking lot.

Visually, the amount of litter in certain places was shocking. According to Chloe Moon, one of the youngest participants, “It’s weird ’cause there’s so much paper everywhere.”


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