Beyond Yoga is proud to be created and led by women, designing for women of every shape, size and lifestyle.

Michelle Wahler is the CEO and Co-founder of Beyond Yoga. Michelle's passion for honoring real women's bodies and celebrating every unique shape and size was the founding principle for starting Beyond Yoga. Over the 15+ years Michelle's has led the company's steady growth in wholesale and ecommerce with over 1,050 retailer partners globally offering a full range of styles from XXS-4X.

Michelle has always had an obsession for softness and fabrics, and a relentless pursuit of quality and fit which has made Beyond Yoga a fan favorite. Committed to manufacturing in CA, she upholds the highest standards in manufacturing practices while supporting local communities paying fair wages. Her headquarters located in Los Angeles, proudly supports her diverse, predominantly female staff of over 80 employees.

Michelle resides in sunny Santa Monica with her husband and two children and enjoys painting, reading and traveling.

In early 2000 Jodi had one goal: to make women feel good in their bodies. Beyond Yoga was created with this mission in mind, and it has served as the touchstone of the company for more than fifteen years of business. Jodi knew the body-image struggle because she had experienced it personally, and it had defined nearly every element of her life. The journey of feeling good in her skin, loving herself (and her life) at every size was a journey that parallels Beyond Yoga's formation and success. Honoring women for where they are in their day, body and life is thee core foundation of the company.

Jodi turned a personal challenge into a professional opportunity, and that opportunity has led to the creation of a line that makes our community feel good about themselves and their bodies. Our mission is simple: to make clothes that fit and flatter everyone and every body. Community is everything. Now more than ever we see how interconnected we are, how one person's struggle really does affect the collective. Beyond Yoga seeks to bring ease and comfort to every-day so that we may conquer our challenges, attain our goals, and show up for one another. And look good doing it.